The power of 3 – LOVE, HAPPINESS, WELLNESS Bracelet with Amethyst, Pink Quartz, Citrine


A Wonderful Energy Bracelet to bring you Good Health, Love & Happiness.

AMETHYST: A Spiritual Stone, partner in meditation. It brings clarity of mind, calms down confusion, sadness and fear. Since the ancient times it is thought to protect its owner from darkness. It fights various types of addictions and especially alcoholism. It aids in transitional phases in addition to periods of fighting physical or emotional addiction. It persecutes insomnia and nightmares and brings beautiful dreams. It calms the nervous system and secures internal peace. It empowers faith in love affairs and consolidates friendships. It attracts the affections of the opposite sex and invites true love for the wearer.

PINK QUARTZ: The Stone of Love. It points at the way and opens the heart to experience and accept love. The deep, ingenuous, non-negotiable type of love in every form. The love between partners, the parental love, the fraternal love as well as love towards the parents, the world and others but also towards our own self. It offers treatment and shelter to hurt feelings, it helps the ability to forgive and accept. It supports the erotic and sexual matching and assists in insemination.

CITRINE: The Stone of Light. It carries the Sun’s warmth, it lightens the darkest spots of the mind, it persecutes fear and it brings hope, desire for life and optimism. It radiates healing positive energy and exterminates negativity. It attracts wealth and well being. It brings good luck, career success and abundance in business and trade.

PUT IT ON: Every day, in all circumstances.

OFFER IT AS A GIFT: To someone you care about.

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A Wonderful Energy Bracelet to bring you Good Health, Love & Happiness.

Material: Silver 925o   Gemstones: Amethyst, Pink Quartz & Citrine  

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Weight 12 g