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  • Astrology Wheel Silver Ring

    Astrology Wheel Silver Ring


    You can have your zodiac identity printed on a precious jewel. The central handler of the Astrology Wheel is an authentic Rubin, the stone of love, passion and power. An authentic green brilliant diamond marks your astrological sign while a blue sapphire marks your horoscope.

    Your personal astrological map and the planets’ analysis are included. Every item is being prepared on demand, after Spirit Green makes your personal astrological map based on the date, year and hour of birth.

    PUT IT ON: To carry with you your personal astrological map.

    OFFER IT AS A GIFT: A luxurious jewel for someone you care about.

  • Sun Silver Ring with Citrine

    The Sun - Silver Ring with Citrine


    The Sun is the most positive symbol to all times and civilizations. Its warmth and positivity enlightens your life and attracts only the good forces.

    CITRINE: The Stone of Light. It carries the Sun’s warmth, it lightens the darkest spots of the mind, it persecutes fear and it brings hope, desire for life and optimism. It radiates healing positive energy and exterminates negativity. It attracts wealth and well being. It brings good luck, career success and abundance in business and trade.

    PUT IT ON: For good luck, success and accomplishment.

    OFFER IT AS A GIFT: To someone you care about.

Showing all 2 results