Sodalite Προσελκύει φίλους, διευρύνει την αντίληψη και καθαρίζει τη σκέψη. Παρέχει συναισθηματική ισορροπία και διαίσθηση. Δίνει ευεξία, αυτοπεποίθηση και διώχνει την μελαγχολία. Κατάλληλος για πνευματικές εργασίες και διαλογισμό.

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  • Creative Spirit Shield with Sodalite

    Creative Spirit Shield with Sodalite


    The Creative Spirit Shield will activate your creativity and set your spirit free. To motivate your talent, give you self confidence and fill your mind with new ideas. 

    THE SHIELD: Protection Symbol. It reflects and repels spiritual and mental attacks. Strong and protective, the shield keeps us true to our values and confident to our relationships.

    THE FEATHER: Symbol of the soul. It accompanies and broadens the mind. It makes contact with the inner world stronger.

    SODALITE: Attracts friendships, broadens the perception and cleans the mind. Provides with emotional balance and intuition. Gives wellness, self confidence and sends away the gloom. Suitable for spiritual actions and meditation.

    PUT IT ON: To broaden your talents and creativity. To open your horizon and achieve your goals.

    OFFER IT AS A GIFT: To someone you care about.

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