Red Jasper

Red Jasper Λίθος Γήινης Δύναμης και Προστασίας. Γειώνει, θρέφει και δυναμώνει το σώμα και την ψυχή. Δίνει αντοχή σε όσους κουράζονται πολύ, σωματικά ή ψυχικά. Πολύτιμος σε περιόδους ανάρρωσης ή έλλειψης ενέργειας. Προωθεί το αίσθημα δικαίου και δίνει σωστή κρίση, οργάνωση και ισχύ για την ηγεσία και τη διοίκηση. Δυναμώνει την πίστη και την αφοσίωση, δίνει αποφασιστικότητα και κουράγιο για την πραγματοποίηση των στόχων. Προστατεύει από κακές επιρροές και εισβολή αρνητικής ενέργειας.

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  • Tree of Life Silver Bracelet with Red Jasper

    Tree of Life Silver Bracelet with Red Jasper


    To have energy and power. To keep away negative influences.

    THE TREE OF LIFE: The life giving power of Mother Nature. It carries the goods and the energy from the earth and spreads them in life as oxygen.

    RED JASPER: A Stone of Earth Power and Protection. It grounds, it breeds and empowers body and soul. It gives strength to those who get very tired either physically or psychologically. It is valuable in times of healing or when there is lack of energy. It promotes the justice feeling and gives correct judgment, organizational skills and power for leadership and administration. It makes faith and loyalty stronger, it gives determination and courage for goals’ fulfillment. It protects from wrong influences and stops the entrance of negative energy.

    PUT IT ON: For vitality, good energy and power. To avoid negative influences.

    OFFER IT AS A GIFT: To someone you care about.

  • The Locket - Silver Pendant with Gemstones

    The Locket – Silver Pendant with Gemstones


    A personal talisman that carries your favorite stone. This way, you can always have it with you. You may open the talisman to keep the stone in your hands or recharge it, or even change it when you need the power of another stone. 

    AMETHYST: A Spiritual Stone, partner in meditation. It brings clarity of mind, calms down confusion, sadness and fear. Since the ancient times it is thought to protect its owner from darkness. It fights various types of addictions and especially alcoholism. It aids in transitional phases in addition to periods of fighting physical or emotional addiction. It persecutes insomnia and nightmares and brings beautiful dreams. It calms the nervous system and secures internal peace. It empowers faith in love affairs and consolidates friendships. It attracts the affections of the opposite sex and invites true love for the wearer.

    CRYSTAL QUARTZ: Superior above all the Stones. It receives and multiplies every form of energy for healing, purification and activation. It attracts the powers of Light and it purifies negative energy. It balances body energy, dissolves energy, opens the communication with our superior self. It protects in all levels, it brings refreshment, harmony, courage, power and wisdom. It clears up thought and it drives it to the identification of the cause. Superior assistant in meditation.

    PINK QUARTZ: The Stone of Love. It points at the way and opens the heart to experience and accept love. The deep, ingenuous, non-negotiable type of love in every form. The love between partners, the parental love, the fraternal love as well as love towards the parents, the world and others but also towards our own self. It offers treatment and shelter to hurt feelings, it helps the ability to forgive and accept. It supports the erotic and sexual matching and assists in insemination.

    CITRINE: The Stone of Light. It carries the Sun’s warmth, it lightens the darkest spots of the mind, it persecutes fear and it brings hope, desire for life and optimism. It radiates healing positive energy and exterminates negativity. It attracts wealth and well being. It brings good luck, career success and abundance in business and trade.

    PUT IT ON: To always carry with you your favorite gemstone.

    OFFER IT AS A GIFT: To someone you care about, a luxurious jewel to carry the suitable gemstone for any case.

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