Howlite Ο λίθος της ηρεμίας. Απορροφά το θυμό, γαληνεύει το μυαλό και τα συναισθήματα. Διδάσκει υπομονή και ψύχραιμη δημιουργική σκέψη. Χαρίζει διαύγεια. Σημαντικός βοηθός κατά της αϋπνίας.

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  • Free Spirit Bracelet with Howlite

    Free Spirit Bracelet with Howlite


    To set you free from everything that depresses you. To have inner peace and experience the joy in your heart. To fly away from pressure and guilt.

    HOWLITE: The stone of calmness. It absorbs anger, smooths the mind and feelings. It teaches patience and cool-headed creative thought. It gives clarity. A significant assistant against insomnia.

    PUT IT ON: For clarity and peace of mind.

    OFFER IT AS A GIFT To someone you care about.

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