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Spirit Green Natural Materials & Symbols


Symbols were very important to Humans since the beginning of the existence. As they are written in the Collective Unconscious, they express common experiences and beliefs, they connect people and join peoples’ thoughts towards common purposes, memories, ideas and visions. Their Power comes from acceptance, acknowledgment and faith with which people surround them and along with an eternal energy flow, they return the Power to those who accept it.

Semi-precious Stones - Crystals

Semi-precious stones, genuine – mineral crystals, are an admirable artistic and energetic creation of Nature. As nothing else resemblances their beauty, these stones fascinate us not only with their unique colors and their shiny reflections but also with their perfect molecular structure

From the ancient times till today, man discovers more and more information about their positive power into their life. Through their vibrations, their strong electromagnetic fields and their chemical structure from metal and inorganic salts, common with these of the human body, crystals have the ability to intervene as healers inside humans’ electromagnetic field, balance their energy and function positively on human body and spirit.


Silver is the sacred metal of the Moon. It is ideal for balancing emotions and clearing the soul, and has the ability to activate stones’ energy. It turns away negative energy and replaces it with positive.
It opens the communication channels between people and it reflexes their personality functioning as a mirror of the soul.
Furthermore, based on its chemical composition, it has great antibacterial abilities that are known since the time of Hippocrates. Involving silver pots for keeping water, placing silver coins inside milk, making medicines (up to the middle of the 20th century when antibiotics were invented) even modern time’s nanotechnology silver is an undoubtful enemy against viruses, bacteria and funguses.


Copper is a metal directly connected with spirituality. It opens the tunnels of mental communication, it strengthens the ability of telepathy and it increases intuition. It helps self-concentration a lot and it purifies the external environment by clearing it from negative or trapped energy.
It clears and collects the stones’ energetic identities and it becomes a channel for transmitting them to the environment. Copper has also healing abilities and creates a feeling of wellbeing.
It also has huge anti-microbic and anti-bacterial qualities. It restricts the evolution of microbes and it exterminates them.


One of the most precious metals. Its healing abilities are known since the ancient times in various people holding different cultures. It symbolizes the Sun and it reflects the inner glow and power of the person who wears it. During the Middle Ages, warriors and knights used to wear jewels made of gold to increase their strength and protect themselves from the enemy’s bad will during the battles. Gold assists the normal energy rotation, it unblocks the aura and it repels negative energy by reflecting it like a mirror.

Spirit Green Symbols:

The Angel

Symbol of the Divine Presence. It protects, guides, cares and connects with the non-material world.

The Shield

Protection Symbol. It reflects and repels spiritual and mental attacks. Strong and protective, the shield keeps us true to our values and confident to our relationships.

The Feather

Symbol of the soul. It accompanies and broadens the mind. It makes contact with the inner world stronger.

The Grail

An elixir for life, contains the hidden wisdom of the world and it reveals it only to the initiates.

The Sword

A symbol of power, strength and stamina, a weapon and an ally in daily battle.

The Key

Symbol of New Life. It opens doors, it shows new paths, and it unblocks everything that was stagnant.

The Lovers

A symbol of Unity and Harmony, immature and imperfect yet to the “Young Lovers”, perfect and eternal to the old lovers “Forever & Ever”, it protects love affairs and declares commitment and faith in it.

The Tree

The life giving power of Mother Nature. It carries the goods and the energy from the earth and spreads them in life as oxygen. 

The Owl

The Eternal Wisdom, the right judgment, cold-tempered and fair, a restless advisor.

The Heart

The Eternal Symbol of Love, pure and guileless. It protects and favors every form of it.

Spirit Green Good Energy Jewels & Items, uses only natural materials such as genuine gemstones, sterling silver, copper, and gold 14Κ.

The gemstones we use are: amethyst, aquamarine, aventurine, blue agate, carnelian, citrine, crystal quartz, hematite, howlite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, moonstone, onyx, pink quartz, prehnite, red jasper, smoky quartz, tiger’s eye, white jade.