Gemstone Attributes


The Stone of Success. It encourages creativity, perception and fantasy. It promotes personal evolution and career. It looses anxiety and fears by striking them towards their root. It helps us hunt and concur our goals without losing our balances.It brings wealth, abundance and good luck.


A talisman of good luck. Brings success in love and abundance in life. It gives insight, sociability and helps in communication with others. A most suitable charm to those who gamble. It heals the emotional wounds and gives us hope.


A Spiritual Stone, partner in meditation. It brings clarity of mind, calms down confusion, sadness and fear. Since the ancient times it is thought to protect its owner from darkness. It fights various types of dependence and especially alcoholism. It aids in transitional phases in addition to periods of fighting physical or emotional addiction. It persecutes insomnia and nightmares and brings beautiful dreams. It calms the nervous system and secures internal peace. It empowers faith in love affairs and consolidates friendships. It attracts the affections of the opposite sex and invites true love for the wearer.


The Stone of Mental Peace. It is synchronized with ocean’s vibrations, it gives calmness and mental clarity. It removes phobias, it gives courage and self knowledge. It strengthens the sense of purpose, it gives inspiration and creativity towards its fulfillment. It supports the ability to express and communicate with others. It protects those who travel in the open sea.


The stone of power and determination. It brings courage and energy, maintaining one’s mental balance by dividing logic by feeling. It provides relationships with strength and faith, liveness and self-confidence.


The Stone of Calmness. It gives us power and courage to discover and accept the truth. It assists the expression of thought and feelings. It fights anger, it absorbs intensity from external space as well as from the disturbed spirit and it gives us the ability to accept and forgive. It bears balance and harmony, creates faithfulness in relationships and in marriage, it attracts loyal friends.


The Stone of Passion. Activates our emotions, invigorates our sexual energy, it gives us optimism, self-confidence and sociability. It opens our heart in joy and brings positive thinking. It encourages discover our talents; go after our goals and our deepest desires.


The Stone of Light. It carries the Sun’s warmth, it lightens the darkest spots of the mind, it persecutes fear and it brings hope, desire for life and optimism. It radiates healing positive energy and exterminates negativity. It attracts wealth and well being. It brings good luck, career success and abundance in business and trade.


Α powerful Τalisman, used for centuries to keep away evil. It is believed to be ideal for the protection of children and young ladies. Ιt absorbs negativity, improves life and brings calmness. It relaxes the nerves and loosens tension. Coral drives away depression and leads to mental balance. It brings luck and happiness.


Superior above all the Stones. It receives and multiplies every form of energy for healing, purification and activation. It attracts the powers of Light and it purifies negative energy. It balances body energy, dissolves energy, opens the communication with our superior self. It protects in all levels, it brings refreshment, harmony, courage, power and wisdom. It clears up thought and it drives it to the identification of the cause. Superior assistant in meditation.


The stone that increases confidence, suitable for people that have low self-esteem. When worn as a jewel it maximizes sexual attraction and gives charmness to the one that carries it. It opens the communication channels between people and the success in both personal and professional matters is huge.


Increases the ability of communication and improves social life. It assists in achieving goals and gives self-confidence. It helps a lot by making wishes and desires come true. Brings good luck and prosperity. Helps in solving problems.


Powerful, Healing Stone. It absorbs and dissolves the negative energy; it creates a feeling of safety. It awakes our dreams and desires, it encourages us to go after everything we want. Against hesitation and insecurity, hematite sets us free from anything that blocks us and keeps us prisoners of our own fears.


The Stone of Calmness. It absorbs anger, calms the mind and feelings. It teaches patience and cool-headed creative thought. It gives clarity. A significant assistant against insomnia.


A Stone of Earth Power and Protection. It grounds, it breeds and empowers body and soul. It gives strength to those who get very tired either physically or psychologically. It is valuable in times of healing or when there is lack of energy. It promotes the justice feeling and gives correct judgment, organizational skills and power for leadership and administration. It makes faith and loyalty stronger, it gives determination and courage for goals’ fulfillment. It protects from wrong influences and stops the entrance of negative energy. 


For wellness, good mood and creativity
Eliminates anxiety and unblocks the energy. Reliefs from depression.


A Stone of Great Protection, which carries light producing impressing iridescences. It connects us with universal energy and supports our mental abilities. By having a Labradorite near us, we may come in balance with world’s and spirits’ mysteries, gain open and clear thought, wisdom, intuition and perceptiveness. Ideal for meditation and communication with the Superior Powers.


The Stone of Wisdom. Being a sacred stone during the ancient times, it transits inspiration, mental clarity and it supports the mind and thoughts. It fights depression and stress, it calms you down when you are upset and it assists the healthy expression of feelings. It empowers the bonds between people who love each other while it works as a strong aphrodisiac. It empowers friendship, it attracts new friends and it increases self -confidence. It is a particularly protective stone, a shield towards the evil eye and a protector for children.


The Stone of Desires, intuition and mental balance. It is connected to the Moon, it reflects its light and broadcasts female energy. It balances emotion, appeases exaltation, calms down and offers understanding. It keeps contact with our sentimental world alive. It broadens mind and intuition; it increases mental abilities and oracular powers. It brings clarity and prophetic dreams. It invites love. When the moon is full, it attracts people of the opposite sex. It reunites lovers who have broken up.It supports fecundity.. It helps in pregnancy and in labor.


Strongly Protective Stone. It creates a Protection Shield, restrains body energy from elapsing and fights weakness. It calms the troubled feelings and helps during stressful periods. It helps us disengage from relationships that are over and heal old wounds. It gives power, endurance, courage, persistence and self -control. It helps us become the masters of our life. 


A stone of protection that absorbs all negative energy brings good luck and positive results to our desires. Heals the emotional wounds and brings back the lost confidence and optimism while it empowers and cleans the aura from blocking. A powerful ally for those who are involved in metaphysics and the art of clairvoyance.


The Stone of Love. It points at the way and opens the heart to experience and accept love. The deep, ingenuous, non-negotiable type of love in every form. The love between partners, the parental love, the fraternal love as well as love towards the parents, the world and others but also towards our own self. It offers treatment and shelter to hurt feelings, it helps the ability to forgive and accept. It supports the erotic and sexual matching and assists in insemination.


The Guardian Stone. It constitutes a strong shield in both spiritual and mental level. Being a partner in internal quest, it creates a bridge between sky and earth; it is help in coming out from darkness to light. It breaks the negative barriers, dissolves negative feelings, and offers an aid in coming over depression and phobias. Gives away hope and peace and at the end of the journey, joy and pride.


Attracts friendships, broadens the perception and cleans the mind. Provides with emotional balance and intuition. Gives wellness, self confidence and sends away the gloom. Suitable for spiritual actions and meditation.


The Bravery Stone. It gives courage, self-confidence, optimism and it empowers the will strength we need to conquer our goals and be crowned as winners. It gives us a balanced thought and right perception of the situations. It helps us realize when is the right time for meditation, patience and action. It is a particularly protective stone towards negative energy and the evil eye. It attracts wealth and prosperity and brings good luck.


Protects against negativity. Powerfully deflects/shields against unwanted or dark energies, (anger, resentment, or jealousy) especially for sensitive people. Encourages intellectual thought, vitality.